Our Goal

Typically health and sustainability are considered separate topics at colleges, with separate missions and staff. At Macalester College, the Sustainability Office and Wellness staff have collaborated to try and bridge this gap.

Our collaborations focus on the personal level, the community level, and the policy level. The social-ecological model was utilized as a framework for our collaboration. This model considers the complex interplay between individual, community, and institutional factors. Follow the links below to see each level of collaboration between the Health and Wellness Center and the Sustainability Office.


Wellness Activities

  • Sleep education
  • Resilience education
  • Sustainable Student Assessment
  • Communicating in Relationships and Consent initiatives
  • Tobacco Cessation Incentives
  • Well-being Wednesday
  • Staff health coach
  • Mindfulness classes
  • Physical activity classes

Sustainability Activities

  • Outreach on Healthy, Organic Food
  • Bike/Walk/Bus Coffee Breaks
  • Walk/Bike Promotion


Wellness Activities

  • Campus Farmer’s Market
  • Walk/Bike Community Wide- Events
  • Blood Drive
  • Wellness 5k at Family Fest

Sustainability Activities

  • MULCH Student Garden
  • Bike Fixit Station
  • Bike Share Program
  • Bike Walk or Bus Coffee
  • Nice Ride Promotion
  • E-Waste Pick

Collaborative Projects


  • Tobacco Free 2015 (Collaborative Implementation)
  • Climate Neutral by 2025
  • Zero Waste by 2020
  • 30% Real Food by 2020 (Organic, Socially Responsible)
  • Water Bottle Free Campus 2011

Zap Reader Associated Programming

Zap is a free program which incentivizes bicycling and walking as a form of transportation.

Get tagged: How?

Periodic tagging events are hosted to introduce participants to the program and distribute bicycle tags and wallet cards for walkers. Check the Piper for announcements about upcoming events. we’ll get you tagged, registered, and ready to roll!

When tagging events are not being hosted, staff, faculty, and students can pick up a ZAP tag at The Highlander book store by showing his or her college ID. Neighbors to Macalester can contact the Mac-Groveland Community Council.

Get Zapped: Where?

Ride of walk through a ZAP Zone, which is between 5′ and 15′ from the ZAP reader on the corner of Summit Ave and Macalester Street. If you hear a “beep” you have been ZAPPED! It may take up to 15 minutes before your ZAP appears in your online account.

Get Rewarded: What?

Staff and Faculty: 
Get 4 ZAPs per month to be entered into WHAM’s monthly prize drawings.
Get 8 ZAPs per month to be entered into the ZAP Twin Cities St. Paul prize pool.

All ZAP Twin Cities participants will be rewarded automatically after the first 10 rides. Continue to  ZAP your ride or walk and you’ll be eligible for prizes like gift cards to restaurants and stores and great bike accessories.

You only need one ZAP per day to get ride or walk credit for that day. More than one ZAP per day will not add to your mileage, trip totals, or entries into drawings.