Public Transit

The Twin Cities is a sprawling urban environment; the Macalester College campus is well positioned – both geographically and on transit lines.  Public transit emits fewer greenhouse gasses than single occupancy vehicles.

Transit Subsidies

Beginning June 1, 2017, Macalester has changed its subsidies towards public transit.  Please refer to the 2017 Transit Subsidy Changes FAQ to learn more.

Information Desk Transit Options

The Campus Center Information Desk sells Metro Transit products to current Macalester students, faculty, and staff. The pricing listed below, is effective June 1, 2017; as noted, some products are only available to students (student ID required while aboard a Metro Transit vehicle).

  • Stored Value – $11 – (50% subsidy, out of pocket cost $5)
  • Stored Value – $22 – (50% subsidy, out of pocket cost $10)
  • Stored Value – $44 – (50% subsidy, out of pocket cost $20)
  • College Pass – Macalester Fall or Spring Term – $175 (students only)
  • College Pass – Summer – $90 (students only)

Traveling To or From MSP International Airport?

Take a Northbound Blue Line from MSP International Airport Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 then transfer to the A Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route at the 46th Street Station; ride to the St. Clair Avenue or Grand Avenue stations.

Other Transit Options

  • Get to campus using the Green Line after riding the Northstar Line to the Target Field Platform.
  • If you get to Saint Paul through the multi-modal ground transit hub at Union Depot, board a Westbound Green Line Train or 63 Bus Route to get to campus.
  • Take the Amtrak train to reduce your travel-related greenhouse gas emission emissions. If you are traveling to or from Chicago, consider the Amtrak train with daily service to the Twin Cities. Amtrak
  • The Guaranteed Ride Home program is a free perk for commuters. This free program provides you a way home in an emergency, if you have a family issue, or need to work unexpected hours. Metro Transit’s Guaranteed Ride Home Program
  • HourCar is a convenient, environmentally friendly, Twin Cities car sharing program. Memberships are available for individuals or Macalester departments. We are fortunate that we have an HourCar hub in the Patagonia parking lot, originally funded by our very own High Winds Fund.
  • Nice Ride Minnesota has a station on Grand and Macalester street. Share a bike with someone else during the warm months and let Nice Ride do the maintenance for you.
  • Northfield Lines offers service from the University of St. Thomas to Northfield MN if you need to get to St. Olaf or Carleton College.