Beginning November 27, 2017 the West 1 Parking Lot (Theater) will be closed due to construction.

It is expected that the lot will remain closed and unusable until January of 2019 – the duration of the project. As a result of this closure, we need to get to campus differently than we do now, especially important when Macalester hosts on-campus events.

The High Winds Fund and the Sustainability Office have complied a list of resources to make parking at Macalester less stressful.

Transit Resources (alphabetically)

App-based ride sharing

Use app-based ride sharing services (like Uber and Lyft)  if you have gotten to campus through alternative means and your car is not on campus. These services are convenient to run an errand, get to an appointment, or get to a work meeting.

Bike to Campus

The Twin Cities has an extensive infrastructure to support regular and safe bicycling habits.  The Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition organization has great resources for anyone that may want to get started.


Carpool to campus with someone else at Macalester or use the Metro Transit Ridematch service to find someone that may live or work near you.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Beginning November 24, 2017, the College has leased a number of spaces at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church located at the intersection of Snelling Avenue and Highland Parkway for the duration of the project.  All vehicles must display a valid Macalester Parking Permit.

Refer to the Gloria Dei Construction Parking Guide for details.


Use HOURCAR just like you might for an app-based ride sharing service for an errand at lunch or for a work meeting.

Nice Ride

Nice Ride Minnesota is a bicycle sharing service based in the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  The Nice Ride season customarily runs from April to November.

Metro Transit Park and Ride Lots

Metro Transit maintains numerous Park and Ride lots throughout the seven county Twin Cities Metro area.

Public Transit

Leveraging Macalester’s location in a vibrant metropolitan area, we have great options for public transit. The College offers a 50% discount on stored value cards at the Campus Center Information Desk for current students, faculty, and staff.  The Metro Transit Trip Planner can help those unfamiliar with transit get to where they need to go.

METRO System, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Commuter Rail

Metro Transit maintains infrastructure that is designed to efficiently move large quantities of people large distances.  This infrastructure exists in many modes including Light Rail Transit (LRT), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Commuter Rail.

  • METRO Blue Line which runs from Mall of America to Target Field Downtown Minneapolis
  • METRO Green Line connects  downtown Minneapolis to Downtown Saint Paul
  • METRO Red Line connects the south metro with Mall of America
  • A Line connects Rosedale Mall with the METRO Blue Line
  • Northstar Commuter Rail connects the northwest metro with Target Field Downtown Minneapolis
Bus Routes with stops within campus boundaries
  • A Line connects Rosedale Mall, the METRO Green Line, and the METRO Blue Line
  • Route 63 connects the east metro, Grand Avenue, and the METRO Green Line
  • Route 70 connects the east metro with Saint Clair Avenue
  • Route 84 local bus service along Snelling Avenue and West 7th Street
Bus Routes with stops within a short walk from campus
  • Route 21 connects the Uptown neighborhood with downtown Saint Paul
  • Route 53 limited stop service connecting the Uptown neighborhood with downtown Saint Paul
  • Route 74 connecting Randolph and West 7th Street with the METRO Blue Line
  • Route 87 serving Cleveland Avenue via Rosedale Mall and the UMN Saint Paul Campus
  • Route 134 connecting Downtown Minneapolis to Cleveland and Cretin Avenues

Parking adjacent to campus

Parking on and near campus will be difficult. Please refer to the Campus Construction Parking Map for parking restrictions and ideas.

If you plan to park near campus and walk the rest of the way, please be respectful of our neighbors when you do so – some neighbors may not have off-street parking. Remember to observe posted parking regulations and be aware of City of Saint Paul Snow Emergency Information.


Many positions at Macalester may be flexible enough that you could plan to work from home; others may not. Begin the conversation about teleworking with your supervisor; establish clear work expectations for the times you are teleworking.

Walk to campus

If you live near campus, walking to work can be a great way to get your exercise and relieve parking congestion.

ZAP Reader

The High Winds Fund, WHAM, and the Sustainability Office installed a ZAP Reader on the corner of Macalester Street and Summit Avenue as a part of the greater ZAP Twin Cities Program.  This is a free program to incentivize bicycling and walking as a form of transportation, including qualifying alternate commutes during construction.

Pickup your ZAP bike tag or walking card at The Highlander. Individuals can receive either or both free of charge when presenting their Mac ID card.