Move Out

Move out is an important time for waste reduction, as this is when a large amount of items are disposed of. In the final weeks of the school year there are many unique opportunities to reduce waste, as well as some changes to standard waste collection. 

  • Habitat for Humanity Donations – During spring move out Habitat for Humanity and Alternative Spring Break will be collecting donations. These items will be sold at the Fall Garage Sale, and proceeds will be used to fund these important causes. Collections boxes will be located in the front lobbies or main lounges of dorms from May 5th to May 15.
  • Cafe Mac Amnesty Boxes – Have you borrowed any items (utensils, dishes, etc.) from Cafe Mac this year? Rather that destroying the evidence, you can drop these items off in one of the Amnesty Boxes, located in the front lobbies or main lounges of dorm buildings.  These will be available from May 5 to May 15. 
  • Free Boxes for Reuse – Boxes will be available for reuse during move out. These boxes can be found in the basement of the campus center before move out.
  • E-Waste Pickup – We encourage you to donate any working electronics to the Habitat for Humanity drive. Non-working electronics that you need to dispose of can be brought to the E-Waste pickup.
  • Bin Removal/Recycling and Trash Dumpsters Available – Bins are removed from the dorms around move out time. You are expected to bring your recycling and trash to the dumpsters on Macalester Street (west of Wallace/30Mac/Bigelow). Dumpsters will be designated for paper, bottles and cans, or trash and will follow the same recycling rules as bin recycling.