Our majors and minors are well-prepared by our curriculum, training and close mentoring with faculty and professional staff to enter graduate programs. Graduates have entered M.A./Ph.D. programs in theater history, dance history and performance studies, as well as M.F.A. programs in performance (dance and acting), all areas of design and technical theater and production.

In the last ten years, our graduates have entered the following graduate programs (representative sample):

  • UCLA, World Arts and Cultures Program, Ph.D. (2)
  • New York University, Performance Studies M.A.
  • Yale School of Drama, Design & Technology M.F.A.
  • Brown University, Acting M.F.A.
  • Louisiana State University/Baton Rouge, Acting M.F.A.
  • Brandeis University, Design M.F.A.
  • UC-Berkeley, Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies, Ph.D. (2)
  • UC-San Diego, Design M.F.A.
  • Denver Center Theatre Program, Acting M.F.A.
  • London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) (2)
  • University of Birmingham, Acting
  • l’école internationale de théâtre de Jacques Lecoq
  • University of Minnesota, Theatre Historiography Ph.D. (2)
  • American Conservatory Theatre, Acting M.F.A. (2)