Visiting Artist


Dominic Rodgers is an actor with expertise in experimental and community-engaged performance. Hailing from Amherst, Massachusetts, Rodgers is a founding member of Billy Shakes Free Shakespeare, which offers free performances to its audiences, and a close collaborator with the immersive and site-specific theater company Eggtooth Productions. Rodgers graduated Macalester College in 2019, developing and performing original works during his studies, as well as appearing in numerous productions. Since then, Rodgers has actively participated in the theater community of the Twin Cities. He has performed with Sparkle Theatricals in the immersive theater work, Feed Your Head, and joined Classical Actors Ensemble in their educational and public performance season in 2020, resuming work in Spring of 2021. Since the onset of the pandemic, Rodgers has remained active by creating virtual pieces with Eggtooth and other artists in Massachusetts. Dominic Rodgers strives to make theater that engages with audiences in new and innovative ways that provide greater access to communities underserved by the arts.