African-based Movement Ensemble members in the Fall 2017 Dance Concert.

Each theater and dance production season is organized around a theme, to allow for sustained exploration and inter-disciplinary programming. Students are active in the proposal and selection of season themes.

Our play/production selection process is guided by the tenets of our mission statement. Theater and Dance at Macalester participate in conversations and concerns taught in coursework across campus, and our seasons contribute to those currents. We are attentive to presenting plays from a diverse canon of writers and artists. We often present challenging work or large-cast work that is increasingly prohibitive for professional companies to produce; students get the crucial opportunity, thereby, to research, train and perform in work that pushes at the boundaries of what is possible in the performance arts.

We engage guest artists every year – professional choreographers, sound and lighting designers, directors, movement and voice specialists – in classes and to join production teams. Students learn from these artists through direct collaboration with their concepts, methods and expertise.

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