The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, are vibrant urban performing arts centers. Famously, the cities boast more theater seats “per capita” than every other U.S. city except New York and Chicago. The faculty and staff of the Theatre and Dance Department work and consult regularly with theater and dance artists in the Twin Cities, and many of these artists are adjunct faculty in the program or come to our classes as guest speakers, choreographers, directors and designers. Most of our classes assign one (or several) professional productions as part of the course, so that students can apply the critical vocabularies they are learning in classes to the variety and quality of professional work they see with their peers and professors.

Consistently rated as highly “liveable,” the Twin Cities are places where young artists – many graduates of our program — can experiment in affordable rehearsal spaces, do fulfilling work as teaching artists in theater and dance and on the staffs of professional companies, and find ready employment in stage management and design (scenic, costume, props, lighting).

A current, representative list of the Twin Cities professional theaters and dance companies that Macalester theater and dance alums regularly call “home” includes:

Theatre Companies

Dance Companies