Seniors complete a capstone experience in their area of emphasis. The capstone is an immersion in both theory and practice, and the research that supports those inter-related processes.  Despite the seeming “evanescence” of performance, seniors produce a portfolio (formerly known as the “senior project book”) that outlasts the senior project production and which archives the research, methods and practices employed by the senior major in the production. The Senior Capstone Portfolio is the a major’s testament to the maturity of their capacities in theatre and dance.

Senior Capstone and College Honors Projects

The Honors Project is a college-wide program supported by all departments; please consult the Academic Programs office for specifics.  The Honors Project is a year-long research immersion in theatre, dance and performance studies, and is undertaken in addition to the Senior Capstone Project required of all majors.

The Senior Capstone in Theatre & Dance