brooksedwards.jpgBrooks Edwards ’78, MD
Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Consultant, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Director, William J. von Liebig Center for Transplantation and Clinical Regeneration
Deputy Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine
Past President Mayo Clinic Staff

A liberal arts degree from Macalester opens your world. I believe I am a better physician because I have interests outside of medicine. Macalester exposed me to art, music, politics and literature. That’s a gift that continues to enrich my life every day.

My time at Macalester prepared me for a lifetime of adult education and critical thinking. The diverse Macalester community allows an individual to meet and understand the perspectives of many different people. This skill is extraordinarily important as a future caregiver.

The world is full of opportunities and challenges. Take advantage of as many opportunities along the way as you can. Don’t plan on a linear career path, but take advantage of the serendipitous events that present themselves along the way. Find joy in your work and humor in your day.