Past Distinguished Alumni Participants

In conjunction with the annual Fall Poster Session, the Olin-Rice Hub invites alumni to participate as our guests. We want our alumni to see the excellent work that is going on in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Macalester and we want to give students and faculty the chance to interact with interesting and successful alumni. Alumni give a seminar in their area of interest during a scheduled class period, attend other seminars, and attend the poster session.

The following alumni have participated in previous poster sessions.


Dr. Richard Binzel, 1980, Physics
Professor of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences and Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow, MIT


Dr. Lucinda Lawson, 2002, Biology
Professor, University of Cincinnati

Dr. Josh Miller, 2000, Geology
Professor, University of Cincinnati

Dr. Biniyam Taddese, 2006
Senior Biomedical Device Engineer, FDA

Dr. Melissa Troester, 1994
Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Dr. Karla Ballman, 1983, Mathematics and Economics
Chief of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Alyson Brooks, 2000, Physics
Professor,  Rutgers University

Dr. Robert Desimone, 1974, Psychology
Director, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT

Dr. Spencer Dreher, 1994, Chemistry
Principal Scientist, Merck, Inc.


Dr. Lisa Peterson, 1981, Chemistry
Professor, University of Minnesota

Dr. Julie Pullen, 1991, Physics and Mathematics
Director of Maritime Security Laboratory, Stevens Institute of Technology

Dr. Justin Simon, 1996, Geology
Planetary Scientist, NASA

Dr. Kevin Sloan, 1997, Biology
Senior investigator, Novartis, Inc.


Dr. Christy Haynes 1998, Chemistry
Professor, University of Minnesota

Dr. Fred Jacobson, 1975, Chemistry and Biology
Principal Scientist, Genentech, Inc.

Dr. Justin Johnson, 1999, Physics and Chemistry
Sr. Scientist, National Renewable Energy Lab

Dr. Andrew Meigs, 1985, Geology,
Professor, Oregon State University

Dr. Ray Runyan, 1972, Biology
Professor, University of Arizona


Dr. Fitih Cinnor, 2003, Physics
Senior Process Engineer, Intel

Dr. David Lytle, 1991, Biology
Director, Southwest Biological Science Center

Dr. Martha Sarpong, 1995, Chemistry
New Business Analyst, Emerging Markets R&D GSK

Dr. Akif Tezcan, 1995, Chemistry and Biology
Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego


Dr. Michael Danielson, 1998, Chemistry
Director, Chemistry Research, BioThera Pharma

Dr. Heather Evans, 1997, Physics
Policy Analyst, National Inst. of Standards & Technology

Dr. Paul Letourneau, 1969, Biology
Professor, University of Minnesota

Dr. David Whitman, 1985, Chemistry
Director, Product Development, Infection Prevention Division, 3M


Dr. Mara Ranville, 1995, Environmental Studies and Geology
Assistant Professor, Bard College

Dr. Penny Beuning, 1994, Chemistry
Assistant Professor, Northeastern University

Dr. Mark Williams, 1992, Physics
Professor, Northeastern University

Dr. Richard Timmer, 1983, Chemistry
CEO, ChemoCore Therapeutics, Inc.