Questions and Responses

Members of the public were invited to attend any of the four forums held in the Spring 2011 or to submit questions through email, fax, or mail.  The notice for the forums and the questions was sent through the AES email blast, and was also picked up by the local papers.  A number of organizations have identified themselves as stakeholders for the project.  Many of those organizations sent out notices electronically to their email lists.

All questions were taken straight from the source word for word.  In total, close to 100 different participants attended the forums, of which about 1/3 submitted some form of a question.  For the email responses, we had about 60 individuals submit various numbers of questions.

The questions submitted through the forums were jotted down by either Cyndy Fuller or Tim Ervin at the Alliance for Economic Success.  The questions were compiled by AES staff and the completed notes and questions were sent to all of the forum participants through email to make sure the questions and ideas were being conveyed correctly and adjusted the questions as the participants saw fit.  Of all the questions sent to the participants, only a handful of questions were adjusted. The questions were then thematically categorized by AES staff.  This document is available at the below link.

The Macalester College research team received these categorized questions in early Summer 2011.  The questions were coded, with a subset of questions tagged as comments rather than researchable questions. The research team examined the published and grey literature to provide basic, and regionally appropriate, responses to a subset of the questions.  The team then identified, qualified and recommended to the Wind Energy Initiative Leadership Team topical experts who can provide additional competent, responsible expertise without any conflict of interest involving companies that are proposing wind energy developments within the project area.

A draft report was issued in October 2011. Comments were received from seven individuals, some representing organizations. The final report was issued in January 2012. It is available online below and in hard copy by contacting AES.

T:  Subsidies/Tax Incentives
U:  Height
V:  Viewshed
W:  Costs of Wind Energy
X:  Social Impacts
Y:  Oil/Gas Industry
Z:  MIchigan Renewable Energy Mandate
AA:  Energy Efficiency
BB:  Property Rights
CC:  Tax Issues
DD:  Turbine Location and Placement
EE:  WInd Energy Production
FF:  Conflict Resolution
GG:  Bonds
HH:  Questions and the Experts
II:  Construction Issues
JJ:  Duke and Gail Wind Specific
KK:  Township Financial and Legal Protections
LL:  Miscellaneous



Survey Symposium Questions and Responses