The Michigan Wind Energy Landscape Symposium was held in Manistee, Michigan, on July 6, 2011, and involved 21 participants from six Manistee and Benzie County townships.

In addition to being one phase of the Understanding Wind Initiative, the Symposium is part of a research project funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation to Dr. Roopali Phadke at Macalester College.  This broader project aims to better understand the role of public deliberation in the siting of wind energy projects across the nation.  Two other similar symposia will be scheduled over the next year in other states.

The Macalester research team collected demographic data about participants, gauged their familiarity with wind energy and sought their perceptions about wind energy impacts on varying landscapes.  This was done through the use of interactive keypad polling, photographic analysis within focus groups, open-ended writing exercises and final evaluation.  The Report summarizes the findings of the Symposium, including data about landscape values, visual impacts, mitigation possibilities, and participant opinions about wind energy.  The Report aims to both provide the results to participants and inform local policy makers about community perceptions and to detail the process and outcomes of public deliberation through a symposium experience.



Survey Symposium Questions and Responses