Sample Study Away Programs

ACM – Urban Studies in Chicago
The Associated Colleges of the Midwest offers an Urban Studies Program in Chicago. Students spend a semester in Chicago taking classes, working in an internship placement and developing an independent study project. This is a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the reality of urban life and to develop the confidence and competence to work for change.

Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) – Copenhagen City Life

Globalization & Development in Khon Kaen


The Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA) is based in the Twin Cities metro area and sponsors a number of study abroad opportunities in urban studies. HECUA offers urban studies programs in the Twin Cities, Northern Ireland, Scandinavia, Ecuador and Bangladesh. Students participate in an internship program, meet for a semester and engage in field experiences.

International Honors Program – Cities in the 21st Century
Cities in the 21st Century. IHP’s Cities in the 21st Century program examines the intentional and natural forces that guide the development of the world’s cities. It combines an innovative urban studies academic curriculum with fieldwork involving public agencies, planners, elected officials, NGOs and grassroots groups in important world cities where exciting changes are taking place.

Macalester’s Globalization and the Environment in Capetown, South Africa