Gear up for a yum-tastic challenge in 2018

Get ready to have fun, eat better and feel great. Join our four-week yumPower Fruit and Veggie Challenge. The goal is to increase the number of fruits and vegetables you eat each day. You’ll keep track with a four-week tracker log and discover tasty, good-for-you-foods that help you live the best life possible.

Why participate?

You probably already know that eating ample fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet may lower your risk of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.  However, did you know that according to the results of our 2016-2017 health assessment, only 29% of staff and faculty are eating the minimum recommendation of 5 servings per day? That's a 4 % improvement over the previous year, but we still have room to improve. 

We also know that it is more challenging to get enough fruits and vegetables in the winter and spring.  So join your colleagues in this fun four-week challenge.  The first 25 people to register will receive a set of FoodPlay Fruit + Veggie Tracker Bands.®

F&V bands_jpeg.jpg

To use: Start with all the bands on your left wrist, and move them over to your right, one-by-one, with every fruit and veggie you eat. Let your bands remind you to eat like a rainbow – and get at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day!

Who can participate?

All staff and faculty are eligible to participate, regardless of whether you have HealthPartners insurance. 

How and when do I sign up for the challenge?

Stay tuned.  The four-week challenge kicks off February 12 and goes through March 9.

Earn fun prizes!

Complete the Post-Challenge Evaluation Survey by Friday, March 9 to be entered in our well-being drawing on April 30 for an in-home personal chef service.

Weekly bonus rewards

Each week we’ll offer a bonus challenge where you have the chance to win a fun prize.

Questions? Contact kfang@macalester.edu or call 651-696-6963

 *Please note: The IRS requires taxation of the prize value.