Gear up for a yum-tastic challenge

Get ready to have fun, eat better and feel great. Join our four-week yumPower Fruit and Veggie Challenge. The goal is to increase the number of fruits and vegetables you eat each day. You’ll keep track with a four-week tracker log and discover tasty, good-for-you-foods that help you live the best life possible.

Why participate?

You probably already know that eating ample fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet may lower your risk of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.  However, did you know that according to the results of our 2016-2017 health assessment, only 23% of staff and faculty are eating the minimum recommendation of 5 servings per day?

We also know that it is more challenging to get enough fruits and vegetables in the winter and spring.  So, join your colleagues in this fun four-week challenge.  Each person who registers will receive a free flexible cutting board!

Image of flex mat

Who can participate?

All staff and faculty are eligible to participate, regardless of whether you have HealthPartners insurance.

How and when do I sign up for the challenge?


Register before February 9.  The four-week challenge kicks off February 12 and goes through March 9.

Earn rewards

Complete the Post-Challenge Evaluation by Friday, March 9 to be entered in our well-being prize drawings.  Our drawing on April 30 will be for a week of meals for you or your family prepared by an in-home personal chef, including the cost of groceries!

Weekly bonus rewards

Each week we’ll offer a bonus challenge where you have the chance to win one of ten 3-in-1 food storage containers.  Great for packing up leftovers and bringing them for lunch!

Image of food storage container bonu reward

Questions? Contact or call 651-696-6963

*Please note: The IRS requires taxation of the prize value.