Associate Professor, Chair, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Works on race, sex, work and nation in the global economy, feminist/queer theories and methodologies, and LGBT studies


Corie Hammers (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma; M.S., Portland State University) is Associate Professor in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department. She has had additional training in feminist theory and continental feminism at Utrecht University’s Netherlands Research School of Women’s Studies. In Summer 2007 she was a Visiting Scholar at the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC): Research Center for Law, Gender and Sexuality at the University of Keele.

Her main research project has been one of examining lesbian/queer public sexual cultures and sexual spaces in Canada and the US. She is particularly interested in interrogating the linkages between sexuality, space and identity formations, and the sexual politics within nonnormative sexual communities. She is using insights stemming from her ethnographic investigations of these lesbian/queer sexual spaces to examine the intersections of feminist and queer theory. She continues to do research on lesbian/queer sexual spaces. She has just begun a new project exploring the politics of (non)belonging among African American women within the LGBT community and their networking practices.

She has published essays in a variety of journals such as Sexualities, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Journal of Gender Studies and Journal of Homosexuality. She is currently working on a number of manuscripts. One article entitled “Queer Exclusions and Corporeal Silences: The Promises and Limitations of Queer in Public Sexual Spaces,” for Transgender Identities: Towards a Social Analysis of Gender Diversity (Routledge), an anthology on transgender issues and identities, explores the exclusionary mechanisms and transphobia that operate in “queer” sexual spaces. “ ‘But I Love Men’: The ‘F-Word’ and the (De)Stabilization of the Hetero/Homo Binary”, which is currently in the revise-and-resubmit stage for Gender & Society, examines through qualitative techniques, women’s disavowal of feminism and its linkages with heteronormativity. Utilizing data and the theoretical insights emerging from my ethnographic work on queer sexual spaces, an article entitled “The Transparent White Subject and the Racial (Re)Production of Sexed Spaces,” will explore the intersections and tensions between queer theory and critical race theory.

Her teaching interests include feminist theory, queer theory, sociological theory, gender and globalization, the sociology of gender and sexuality, sociology of sport and the politics of food. Her core courses in the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department include Race, Sex and Work in the Global Economy, Feminist/Queer Theories and Methodologies and Sexuality, Race and Nation: Introduction to LGBT Studies.