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What is a Shooting Star?
In this episode of Macalester Talks, Professor John Cannon explains some of the things that we see in the sky during the summer months, like shooting stars and the Northern Lights.


In this episode of MacTalks, Professor Louisa Bradtmiller talks about the controversies surrounding climate change and expresses where she falls in the debate. Public skepticism over the global warming trend has emerged as a result of contradicting opinions from the scientific community, chiefly between climatologists and meteorologists. Public doubts about climate change were heightened in the wake of the "Climategate" scandal, in which a hacker released over 1,000 confidential emails of scientists from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit that suggested exaggeration and manipulation of climate change data.


On the 50th anniversary of the FDA's approval of the birth control pill, Professor Liz Jansen talks about its emergence and prevalence in society. She evaluates both the scientific and historical role that "The Pill" has played. Her insights include the benefits and risk factors that the contraceptive poses, specifically in relation to ovarian and breast cancer. She also speaks to the extent to which the birth control pill impacted the sexual revolution and the presence of women in the workplace. listen


Professor Gary Krueger talks about Goldman Sachs’s security investment, “ABACUS,” which was made up of mortgages that were expected to go into default, ended up costing investors over $1 billion. The lawsuit filed against Goldman Sachs by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been considered one of the largest crises in years for what has become Wall Street’s most influential bank. listen

Professor Peter Bognanni talks about his new book House of Tomorrow, which is receiving rave reveiws. listen



Professor Emeriti Wayne Wolsey, chemistry, talks about the future of nuclear engery and how it compares to other energy sources such as coal. listen

Psychology professor Jaine Strauss talks about the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) that will be released in 2013. Much has been said about the manual that will change the diagnosis of many people. Strauss talks about the real issues. listen

Student Linda Nguyễn talks about the challenges women face in the 21st century in celebration of women's history month. listen

Professor Raymond Robertson, economics talks about his work with Better Factories Cambodia. Many factories in developing worlds have poor working standards. The program has enlisted many large scale retailers in their efforts. listen


Professor Michael Griffin gives us the lowdown on the Superbowl ads. listen

It's a great day for love poems! Listen to English professor Neil Chudgar's students Amanda
Cagan, Julia Peterson, Oliver St. John and Amanda Crabtree read some of their favorites in our latest podcast episode. listen

State of the Union. Adrienne Christiansen, political science professor and director of the Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching, gives us her take on President Obama's State of the Union address. listen


In Haiti on January 12. French professor Joelle Vitiello, who studies Haitian literature, was in the country for a conference on January 12. Here, she shares her experience and her insights into media coverage and the Haitian culture.listen

Life Expectancy and Likely to Commit a Crime. If you thought you wouldn't live very long, what would you do? Senior Jeremy Roth wondered if it would make people more likely to commit a crime. His paper on the subject earned him first place at the Minnesota Economic Association. In this episode he talks about how he came about his conclusion and how it can be applied. listen