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Barbara Laskin

The program for the Rolling Footage Dance Film Festival has been modified.  The following press release reflects that change.

“Rolling Footage”- Dance Film Festival at Macalester

St. Paul, Minn. - The Macalester College Theater and Dance Department presents the first dance film screening at Macalester. “Rolling Footage” features work where all facets of dance are illuminated through the lens of the camera.  The festival is at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 9 and 10, in the Ruth Stricker Campus Center, John B. Davis Lecture Hall. Each evening features a different program. Tickets are $5 and can be reserved by calling the Theater Box Office at (651) 696-6359. 

The films originate from Minnesota, North America, Europe and Nigeria. Local artists contributing work to the festival include Olive Bieringa, Amber Ellison, Nancy Mason Hauser, Becky Heist, Emily Johnson, Shawn McConnelough, Christopher Watson and Cathy Wright.

In Cost of Living, choreographer/director Lloyd Newson of London’s famed DV8 takes us to a faded seaside town where street performers struggle to find work and romance. A film that hurls provocations and scalding humor at notions of how the fit and unfit are supposed to act, Cost of Living was nominated for the Jury Prize by the Dance Film Association.

In the next film, a stark dance is repeated numerous times in a variety of stunning locations. Through choreography by Emily Johnson and performance by Natasha Hassett, Wingspan 5’2” captures the physicality required to remain engaged in our ever-changing surroundings.

Black Spring, choreographed by Nigerian/French choreographer Heddy Maalem, is a powerful film that creates an intimate and fierce portrait of contemporary Africa. The raw energy and vitality of the dancers, the harsh realities of everyday life, and the clichés of the Western perceptions of sub-Saharan Africa are all brought out in high relief by alternating our view of the dances in a darkened room and glimpses of life outside the studio.

This screening is made possible in part through the Dance Film Association and the touring program of Dance on Camera Festival. Visit their Web site at

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