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Barbara Laskin

Meet the Class of 2013

There are 568 first year students and 19 transfer students joining the Macalester community this fall.

This is the largest group to enter Macalester in many decades. Many of these students chose Macalester because of the college’s emphasis on diversity and internationalism. They come to Macalester because it is a community that embraces and learns from differences. These are the students from the 4,564 applications for the first year spots that chose Macalester.

This class is from 54 countries, 44 states and 447 different high schools. They come from the world’s largest cities, the world’s smallest villages, and just about everywhere in between. There are 39 different languages spoken in their homes. More than one-third have studied or participated in service projects in a country other than their own. Of the entering US students, 58 of have lived in another country for six months or more.

The class of 2013 represents a variety of experiences, talents, interests and commitments. 67 percent were in the top 10 percent of their high school class, and 434 report community service. 60 worked on their high school newspaper or yearbook and 198 participated in student councils. Among the class of 2013 there are Eagle Scouts, concert violinists, circus performers, sculptors, political canvassers, published authors, garage band members, cave dwellers, mountain climbers, religious gurus, political refugees, rodeo riders and a duplicate bridge champion.

Individually and collectively, the class has an impressive history of leadership in academics, music, politics, theater, athletics and speech contests. There are five twins in the class – with one family leaving both twins with us at Macalester. 39 have family members that also attended the college.

In the class of 2013, there are 12 Hannahs, 11 Annas, nine Nicks, nine Jonathans, and eight Julias. And one class member with the same last name as the college.

In admissions essays, class members cited as role models and heroes their parents, grandparents, favorite teachers, Nelson Mandella, Al Gore, Bill Nye the science guy, Barack Obama, and Sponge Bob Square Pants. They wrote about transforming experiences like Operation Smile, congressional internships, travels around the world, volunteer work following Katrina, language and other camps, and a meeting with the President. Many shared experiences of successfully crossing of a cultural divide.

A fourth of the class plans to major in International Studies. Political Science, or English are the second and third most popular intended majors. Class members dream of being environmental lawyers, college professors, crime scene investigators, foreign service officers, and paleontologists-to name just a few.

With the Class of 2013 on campus, we have more than 1,890 students from 67 different countries, the District of Columbia and 49 states. Welcome!