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Barbara Laskin

Macalester 13th Nationally for International Students and Mid-Length Study Abroad Experiences

Internationalism and a global perspective are woven into the fabric of a Macalester education. A new national report illustrates Macalester’s leadership in both educating international students on campus, and sending U.S. students abroad to study.

Macalester is ranked 13th nationally for both the number of international students and the number of students who study abroad on programs of mid-length duration, according to a recent report by the Institute of International Education (IIE). “Living among and attending classes with international students is critical to preparing for lives as global citizens, as is studying abroad,” said Brian Rosenberg, president. “Macalester students have multiple, rich and meaningful opportunities to gain a global perspective.”

In 2008-09, Macalester had 254 international students, placing it 13th nationally among baccalaureate institutions. Macalester is the smallest school within the top 15 for the number of international students. This means that the density of international students at Macalester is greater than at many institutions.

“If you are a student at Macalester, your odds of meeting international students are much greater than at many other similar colleges,” Rosenberg explained.

The report defines study abroad experiences based on the duration of the program and institution type. Programs are classified as short term (e.g. January term), mid-length (semester), and long-term (year). In 2007-08 (the latest year for which data is reported), Macalester ranks 13th nationally among four-year colleges for mid-term study abroad experiences. Most Macalester students study abroad for a semester. Using the national statistical methodology recommended by the IIE, (the number of study away participants divided by the number of students who received degrees in May 2007), Macalester College’s study abroad participation rate in 2007-08 was 70.4% (317/450).

“When you compare colleges on two critical indicators of preparing students for global citizenship, international students on campus; and US students studying abroad, Macalester is a leader nationally among four-year colleges,” said Rosenberg.

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