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This story is part of our news archives, prior to July 2010.

College Ready? Michael Manansala '12 is a Bonner Community Scholar. He spent his time tutoring students in St. Paul to help prepare them for college.

Being a Bonner Scholar opened up new doors for Michael Manansala ’12, who tutored students in St. Paul and traveled around the country as a representative of the program during its first year at Macalester.

For 10 hours a week, students participate in service work that doubles as their work-study, tutoring at local public schools such as EXPO Elementary School, Linwood Monroe Plus Arts School and Ramsey Junior High School. Manansala tutored at Ramsey as a part of Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), a program that helps average grade students prepare for college eligibility. He plans to continue and expand his service work in the coming year, working with AVID to develop a pilot mentorship program that will pair Macalester students with an AVID high school juniors.

Manansala, originally from Manila, Philippines, was also chosen to be Macalester’s Bonner Congress Representative, exemplifying the program both at Macalester and abroad. As a representative, he attended the Bonner Summer Leadership Institute in Stetson, Florida. “There, I was able to network with other Bonners from around the nation, and since it is Macalester's first year being a full Bonner school, I gained a lot of insight as to what direction our program should take in the future,” says Manansala.

Another idea that Manansala picked up at the leadership conference is the concept of Bonner Love, a key tenet of the program’s philosophy. “Bonner Love relates to the passion students feel for what we believe in, for the changes and improvements we want to see in our lifetimes,” he says. “This passion comes from the concept that idealism is the nature of students. What Bonner Love ultimately teaches us is that it takes five strokes of Love for every stroke of Challenge.”