Jordanville Wind


Jordanville Wind LocationDeveloper:  Community Energy, Inc. / Iberdrola Renewables
Jordanville and Herkimer Counties, NY

Project Background

The Jordanville Wind project was proposed in the towns of Stark and Warren in Herkimer county in upstate New York. Herkimer county has a population of 64,427 or 46 people per square mile. The county has a median household income of $32,924.

Community Energy, Inc. (CEI) is a subsidiary of Iberdrola, a Spanish energy company which leads the world in renewable energy. CEI is partnered with the large New York utility, NYSEG to offer wind produced electricty as a premium product called NewWind Energy. CEI proposed a wind farm of approximately 70-75 2 MW turbines around the hamlet of Jordanville in 2005. CEI later reduced the quantity of turbines they were proposing to 68. The turbines were to be sited on privately owned dairy farms in the two towns of Stark and Warren. Jordanville is an unincorporated hamlet in the town of Warren.