Wind Energy

Guide to Conducting a Wind Energy Landscape Symposium


Our research group has developed a model for community deliberation on wind energy project design. After a pilot symposium in Wyoming, we hosted these events in Michigan, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.  
We employed a “citizen jury” model in which we convened a group of 20-25 participants to spend a full day deliberating local wind energy development. Participants were charged with thinking carefully about how wind project design could be compatible with current land use preferences, if at all. We focused on mitigation options for the visual and socio-economic impacts of projects. Our model included using simulated visualizations, interac­tive keypad polling, fo­cus group activity and discussion, open-ended writing exercises, and a final evaluation.

The Guide includes a description of the materials and designed we developed. We hope that other organizations can employ our model in their communities. This portion of the website is password protected. For access to the Guide, please contact Roopali Phadke at

For more information about conducting a deliberative symposium like ours, refer to the Jefferson Center’s Citizens Jury® Handbook, upon which we modeled some of our event and took inspiration for the project design.

Wind Energy Landscape Symposium Locations

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