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Vittorio Addona

Associate Professor

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


Phone:  651-696-6506


Office:  Olin Rice 229

  Office Hours Spring 2017:
Monday:  3:30 - 4:30 pm
  Tuesday:  1:30 - 3:30 pm
  Wednesday:  (none)
  Thursday:  10 am - 12 noon
3:30 - 4:30 pm

Vittorio Addona


  Fall 2016
Math 125-01: Epidemiology
   Math 453-01: Survival Analysis

  Spring 2017
   Math 155-02: Intro to Statistical Modeling
   Math 155-03: Intro to Statistical Modeling
   Math 155-05: Intro to Statistical Modeling


  For information on my classes, please send me
  an e-mail message, visit me, or visit their
  Moodle sites if you are enrolled in the course.

I completed my PhD in Statistics at McGill University in 2006.

  My research interests are in survival analysis and other medical
  applications of statistics. My thesis (pdf) is entitled, "Stationarity
  in a prevalent cohort study with follow-up". Here is a related paper
  which I co-authored on testing the assumptions for the analysis
  of survival data arising from a prevalent cohort study.

  I have been interested in statistical methods for post-election
  audits. Here is a paper (pdf) I co-authored on the subject,
  published in The American Statistician in 2008.

  I am also interested in sports
 statistics. I have worked with
  undergraduate students on numerous projects, including adjusted
  plus-minus ratings in the NBA, the relative age effect
  phenomenon, and quantifying the effects of steroid useage in
  Major League Baseball.

  For a complete list of my publications, please see my CV.


  I was raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and am the son of Italian immigrants. I am thus fluent in both French and
  Italian. My wife Isadora is from Golden, Colorado, and she completed her PhD in School Psychology at the University
  of Minnesota. In May 2013, we welcomed a new addition to our family, our first child, Fabian. In June 2015, we were
  overjoyed to add a beautiful daughter, Lucia.  We love spending time together as a family (with our cat, Grigia) and
  making each other laugh.

  As a proud Canadian, I am a huge hockey fan (Isadora loves the Colorado Avalanche and my favorite team is the
  Montreal Canadiens, of course). I also love football (NY Jets) and baseball (although I still haven't been able to adopt
  a new team after the departure of my beloved Expos from Montreal).

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