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Articles of General Interest by David Bressoud

  • Launchings from the CUPM Curriculum Guide, a column on the recommendations contained in this guide.
  • Establishing the Quantitative Thinking Program at Macalester. To Appear in Numeracy.
  • The Art of Counting (draft of 7/24/06)
  • The Changing Face of Calculus,
    • First Semester Calculus as a High School Course, Word document
    • First- and Second-Semester Calculus as College Courses, Word document
  • Calculus Before Newton and Leibniz
    • I: ibn al-Haytham and volumes of revolution, pdf file
    • II: Archimedes, areas and volumes, pdf file
    • III: sums of powers formulas, pdf file
  • Quantitative Methods for Public Policy, to appear in Current Practices in Quantitative Literacy, MAA Notes, Word document
  • Adventures in the Amusement Park: AB2/BC2 from the 2002 AP Calculus Exam, pdf file.
  • Parallel Developments in Philosophy and Mathematics in India, COMAP:
    • pdf file; postscript file, LaTeX file
      solutions: pdf file; postscript file, LaTeX file
  • What's Been Happening to Undergraduate Mathematics to appear in the Journal of Chemical Education. Also available as a pdf file.
  • Was Calculus Invented in India? College Math Journal.
  • Computer-generated proofs of mathematical theorems, Encylcopedia of Physcial Science and Technology. available as an pdf file.
  • How the Alternating Sign Matrix conjecture Was Solved, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Vol: 46, 1999, Pages: 637--646. TeX document and PostScript files for figures 1-4 and figures 5-6.
  • A View from Olin-Rice, Macalester 's Colloquoy, Special Core Values Edition, 1999, Pages: 1--2.
  • Review of Classroom Assessment Techniques, to appear in the Teaching and Learning Undergraduate Mathematics newsletter of the British Mathematics Association.
  • Personal Thoughts on Mature Teaching, appendix in How to teach mathematics: a personal perspective, second edition, by Steven G. Krantz, American Mathematical Society, Providence, 1998.
  • Review of Serge Lang's Undergraduate Analysis, The Mathematical Intelligencer, 20: 76--77, 1998.
  • The One-minute paper, Assessment Practices in Undergraduate Mathematics, MAA Notes # 49, Editors: B. Gold, S. Keith, W. Marion, Mathematical Association of America, Washington DC, 1999, Pages: 87-88.
  • Review of Vectors and Tensors in Engineering and Physics by D. A. Danielson, The UMAP Journal.
  • Review of Differential Forms: A complement to vector calculus by Steven Weintraub, The UMAP Journal, 18: 183-183, 1997
  • with Joel Clemmer: Issues in scholarly communication III: The looming responsibilities, Colloquoy (Maclaester College), vol 13, no. 3, 1996.
  • with Joel Clemmer: Issues in scholarly communication II: The looming opportunities, Colloquoy (Macalester College) , vol 13, no. 2 (March 1996): 7--11.
  • with Joel Clemmer: Issues in scholarly communication I: The looming crisis,'' Colloquoy (Macalester College) , vol 12, no. 4 (Fall 1995): 1--6.
  • Assessing Student Performance,' pages 66--73 in Calculus, The Dynamics of Change, A. Wayne Roberts, ed., The Mathematical Association of America, Notes Number 39, Washington, DC, 1996
  • . Mathematics and the Liberal Arts, Macalester Today, November, 1995.
  • Review of How to teach mathematics: a personal perspective by Steven G. Krantz, UME Trends, 7:4--5, 1995.
  • Review of A Brief on Tensor Analysis, The UMAP Journal, 16, 1995
  • Student attitudes in first-semester calculus, Focus, 14:6--7, 1994.
  • Review of In search of E. T. Bell by Constance Reid and L'aurore des dieux by Jacques Dixmier, The Mathematical Intelligencer, 16:72--74, 1994.
  • Review of The Problems of Mathematics by Ian Stewart, The Mathematical Intelligencer, 15:71--73, 1993.
  • Why do we teach calculus? The American Math. Monthly, 99:615--17, 1992.
  • How should we introduce integration?, The College Mathematics J., 23:296--98, 1992.
  • Has Science made God irrelevant? Plumbline, 4--6, Dec. 1991.
  • ``Most ferocious math problem is tamed.'' Research Penn State. 11 :4--8 (1990).


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