``If it be then your Pleasure, ye Lovers of Study, come always; be not restrained through any Fear, nor retarded by too much Modesty, what you may do by your Right, you shall make me do willingly, nay gladly and joyfully. Ask your Questions, make your Enquiries, bid and command; you shall neither find me averse nor refractory to your Commands, but officious and obedient. If you meet with any Obstacles or Difficulties, or are retarded with any Doubts while you are walking in the cumbersome Road of this Study of Mathematics, I beg you to impart them, and I shall endeavour to remove every Hindrance out of your Way to the best of my Knowledge and Ability.''

Isaac Barrow, on the occasion of his installation as first Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, Cambridge University, March 14, 1664