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Term Papers for Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Potential Term Paper Topics
Bank Runs (decision making under uncertainty and strategic interaction)
Leverage in Asset Markets

Mating and Loss Aversion

Past Term Papers

Monetary Assessment and Predicted Utility: Dissociation Across Two Goods -- Senthuran Raveendranathan and Tristan Taru (Third Place, Minnesota Economic Association Undergraduate Student Paper Contest)
The Effect of Hunger as a Motivational State on Temporal Discounting -- Dianna Amasino and Wanyi Li
Gender Differences in Mate Selection -- Wenying Huang and Nina Wellander
The Effects of Mating and the Competitive Mindset in Risk Taking -- Dharshana Tennekoon and Guillermo Medina
The Effect of Time on Productivity: The Candle Problem -- Majd Khbour and Will Chilton
The Effect of Hunger on Impulsive Behavior and Cognitve Reflection -- Erik Johnson and Elexander Horn
How do Social Conformity and Anonymity Affect Other-Regarding Behavior? -- Terence Steinberg and Joseph Schubert
Quasi-Endowment in English and Dutch Auctions -- Gerbrand Hoogvliet and Giorgi Inashvili
Cognitive Reflection and Uncertainty Aversion: Evidence from Experimental Economics -- Shruti Dhanda and Mame Diarra Gueye
Does teh Presence of an Attractive Female Affect Physical Risk-Taking Behavior in Undergraduate Males? -- Kyle Hamblett and Zeid Habayeb
What is the Impact of Emotions on the Endowment Effect? -- Feifei Zuo and Jimerson J. Asencio Ferrufino
Intra-Culturual Altruism and Bargaining Behavior: A Cross-Group Analysis of Sub-Cultures within Macalester College -- Claire Eder and Emily Johnson
Market Anomalies in a Takeover Game: The Effect of Uncertainty and Priming -- Justin Buensuceso and Mohamed Ali
Does Trust Exist in a Strategic Setting? -- Eli Crane and Stephen Davis

Generosity and the Social Environment: Testing the Effects of Physcial Anonymity Using Dictator Games -- Nguyen Le and Jarrad Fjelstad
Variations in the Dictator Game: Anonymity and the Endowment Effect -- Haider Ali Malik and Horatiu Kraus
The Smart and the Risky: Cognitive Aptitude, Risk and Loss Aversion -- Miles Harlow
Cognitive Reflection and Risk Aversion: An Analysis of Gender, Age and Major -- Emily Hamilton and Jake Cormak
Information Cascades: How Significant is teh Effect of the Fashion Leader? -- Besjona Kreka and Maliq Muro
Information and Diverse Environments of Players in Repeated Beauty Contests -- Sougrynomna Sore
Do Risk Attitudes Affect Students' Choices of Major in a Liberal Arts Setting? -- Ji Young Choi and Atang Gilka
The Paradox of Choice: Are We Better Off with More Choice? -- Manasi Kapoor and Stephen Snider
Drivers of Time Inconsistency and Their Relative Impact, -- Alvaro Ballarin-Cabrera and Simeng Han
Bubbles in Limit Order Asset Markets -- Joshua Wesley Paulson and Mark Bracey Sherman
Power of Asking Questions: Implications for Fighting Obesity -- Chelsea Park and Christina Park
Examining the Behavioral Effects of Big Wins and Big Losses in Texas Hold'em Poker -- Katie Mertz and Daniel Esrig
Altruism and Group Membership: The Dictator and Ultimatum Games -- Danielle Johnson and Mitch Stepleton
Anomalous Behavior in the Traveler's Dilemma: How do Players Diverge from Classical Game Theory Predictiions? -- Saad Anjum and Burcu Sahin
Conformity Incentives and Overconfidence: Evidence from Experimental Economics -- Stamo Hadjiyski and Aleksander Azarnov


Anonymity and Cooperation: Experimental Evidence from a Public Good Game -- Dakota Ryan (Second Place, Minnesota Economic Association Undergraduate Student Paper Contest)
Fariness in the Ultimatum Game: A Test on Children Attending Catholic School -- Cyrus Butler and Lisa Giddings
Refusing 'Free' Money: Signaling and the Social Cost of Receiving Help -- Sebastian Andre Wellsjo and Benjamin Torres Galick
Preventing Lemon Market Behavior Through the Implementation of a Seller Reputation System -- Andrew Craig
The Intensity of Regret through a Sequential Search Game -- Jeremy Glover and Daniel Portilla
Does Greater Information Spread Increase the Winner's Curse in a Common Value Auction? -- Brad Johnson
Country of Origin and the Demand for Video Games -- Milton Koch and Keaton White


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