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Videos on the Human Mind

What is Behavioral Economics?
Danial Kahneman - Georgetown Address
Richard Thaler - Conversations with History Interview (2010)
Daniel Kahneman - Conversastions with History Interview (2007)
Dan Ariely

The Human Mind

Kahneman - Bounded Rationality (2002 Nobel Prize Address)
David Brooks - The Social Animal
Charlie Rose - The Brain Series

Jonah Lehrer - Decision Making

Making Better Decisions (BBC Horizon) [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Kahneman - Experience and Memory (TED)
Autobiographical Memory (60 Minutes)
Mirror Neurons
Teenage Brains (Frontline)

The Century of the Self (BBC)

Evolutionary Psychology

Cosmides and Tooby - Evolutionary Psychology

Pinker - The Blank Slate
Pinker - Violence (TED)

E. O. Wilson - Sociobiology
Wright - Optimism (TED)
Kenrick - Mating and Loss Aversion

Heuristics and Biases
Cognitive Biases

Intertemporal Choice

Keith Chen - Language and Distounting

Marshmellow Experiment

Frederick - Alterting Intertemporal Choice

Ellsberg Paradox (Ambiguity Aversion)
Santos - Monkies and Loss Aversion

Antonio Damasio - This Time With Feeling ( full interview)

Antonio Damasio - When Emotions Make Better Decisions ( 3:23 min)
Antonio Damasio - What Would Genes Do? ( 2:24 min)

Jonah Lehrer - When Instinct Trumps Reason (

The Wisdom of Crowds

Scott Page - The Power of Diversity

Scott Page - Unpacking the Wisdom of Crowds

James Surwiecki - The Wisdom of Crowds

The Wisdom of Crowds (Nova)

How to Avoid Herding in Reserach (John Davis)

Social Preferences
Zak - Trust and Oxytocin

Zak Interview

Fehr - The Lure of Authority (LSE Coase Lecture)

Babies and Learning (Science Nation)
Friedman - Greed and Capitalism

Morgan - Social Preferences in Online Industries

Born Good? Babies help unluck the origns or marality (60 Minutes)
Dawkins -Altruism and The Selfish Gene

Evolutionary Game Theory
Fighting and Contests (Stearn at Yale)
Evolution of Compassion (Robert Wright)

Behavioral Finance
Thaler - Rethinking Regulation after the Financial Crisis

Shiller and Siegel - Market Efficiency

Samuelson and Merton - Sub-prime Financial Crisis

Emotional Finance (David Tuckett)

Asset Markets when Knowledge is Ambiguous (Scott Condie)

Behavioral Macroeconomics
Akerlof - Behavioral Macroeconomics (2001 Nobel Prize Address)
Kahneman and Taleb - Sub-prime Financial Crisis
Shiller - Animal Spirits I
Shiller - Animal Spirits II

Mind over Money (PBS)

Greenspan: "I Was Wrong"
Taleb and Mandelbrot - Knightian Uncertainty

Wolfers, Frank and Gilbert Panel at Aspen
Gilbert - Happiness (TED)
Happiness in Denmark (60 Minutes)

Fisher - Love (TED)

Schwartz - The Paradox of Choice (TED)

Policy and Institutions

Sunstein on Nudge

Decision Science and Sustainability
Britain's Nudge Unit (TED)
Friedman - Libertarianism

Experimental Economics
Vernon Smith - Experimental Economics


Camerer - Neuroscience and Regulatory Paternalism
Prelec - Neuroeconomics

Curious Neuro-Decisions (Ultimatum Game & Ellsberg Paradox)

Thaler - Baseball (News Hour)
Spinal Tap - These go to 11
Stroop Effect[1][2]

How to Make Better Decisions


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