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Source: Gapminder

Reading List for Intermediate Macroeconomics (Econ 371)

Intermediate Macro Prize Winning Videos
Fall 2010
Spring 2010
Fall 2009
Spring 2009

Fall 2008
Spring 2008

Blogs and Theory
The History of Economic Thought Website
The Economist
Institute for New Economic Thinking
De Long
Calculated Risk

Macroeconomic Resilience (Ashwin Parameswaran)

Macroeconomic Data
Gap Minder (Wow!)
World Fact Book (CIA)
Economagic Data
National Economic Trends (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Economic Trends (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)
Congressional Budget Office Budget
MetroTrends (Urban Institute)

Economic Outlook (CBO)
Visualizing Economics
U.S. Income Mobility and Inequality (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Jobs Lost and Gained
Public Debt Around the World
The Geography of Recession

The Crisis in Macroeconomics
Keynes versus Hayek: Round One
Keynes versus Hayek: Round Two
Levine, "An Open Letter to Paul Krugman," The Huffington Post, 9/18/2009.
Cochrane, "How did Paul Krugman get it so wrong?", 9/16/2008.
Krugman, "How did economists get it so wrong?" NYT, 9/6/2009.
The Economist, "The Other-Worldly Philosophers," 7/16/2009.
Krugman, "Hangover Theorists," NYT, 12/27/2008.

Videos: The Sub-Prime Financial Crisis
Credit Crunch and the States

Credit-Default Swaps

Ferderer: Markets and the Bailout

Moe: Gloom and Consumers
Moral Hazard
Roberts: How Bad Policy Caused the Crisis

Robertson: A Depression

Anna Schwartz: Bernanke has it Wrong

White & Shlaes: Lessons from The Great Depression
Bird and Fortune - Subprime Crisis.

Videos: General Macroeconomics
Behavioral Macroeconomics (George Akerlof)
Bretton Woods: Nixon Closes the Gold Window
Citibank: The History
Currency History
Econometrics: What's New
Efficient Markets Hypothesis: Yin and Yang (Shiller and Siegel)
Fiat Empire
Global Spending Paterns
Gold Stanard: The U.S. Delinks in 1933
Government Debt
Great Depression and Banks (Milton Friedman)
Great Depression and Banks (Roosevelt)
Great Depression and Gold Standard (Milton Friedman)
Lender of Last Resort (James Cramer melts down)
Monetary Centralization
Monetary Union
Mundell Interview
Panic of 1907
Plaza Accord
Poverty (Hans Rosling)
Technology: The Cell Phone (Iqbal Quadir)
Third World Myths (Hans Rosling)






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