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E-mail: fox -at- macalester -dot- edu

Phone: 651-696-6553

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Office: Olin-Rice 230

Lab: Olin-Rice 257

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Macalester College

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Current Term: Fall 2015

Comp 123: Core Concepts in Computer Science
Guzdial, Introduction to the Computing and Programming in Python: A Multimedia Approach, 3rd edition (There is a new 4th edition out, but I don't have it yet)
Comp/Neur 484: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Russell and Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Third edition

Courses taught

Comp 120: Computing and Society (topics)
Comp 121: Introduction to Scientific Programming
Comp 123: Core Concepts in Computer Science
Comp 240: Computer Organization and Architecture
Comp 221: Algorithm Design and Analysis
Comp 261/Math 361: Theory of Computation
Comp 325: Compilers, Interpreters, and Programming Languages
Comp 380: Bodies and Minds: AI Robotics
Comp/Neur 484: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Comp 490: Senior Capstone Seminar

Association for Computing Machinery:

Research interests:

I do research in Artificial Intelligence, particularly using robots. My emphasis is on learning systems that perform low level and high level planning and execution in the world. My current research uses a case-based reasoning knowledge core to serve a hybrid robot control system. I also have interests in introspective and metacognitive reasoning. I am always looking for students interested in independent study or working with me on summer research.

Current CV is here