Fall 2011
Gitta Hammarberg



Translation is not an exact science. Although I often claim that I live in translation, and have done some professional translation, I am not an expert on the topic. This will be a hands-on course: you'll get to do lots of written and oral graded projects which will replace formal exams. We'll read several articles by translation studies experts and discuss them together in class. I will lecture as little as possible and I count on learning together with you and from you while I teach you! I see this as profoundly dialogical and collegial learning experience for all of us and count on everyone contributing some wisdom. This means that attendance is absolutely mandatory. Learning will take place in class as much as outside class in individual projects and readings.



Attendance & active class participation, including oral presentations: 50 %
Average grade of written projects: 50%

Attendance policy: 3 absences (excused or unexcused!) will automatically lower your grade by one full point (an A will turn into a B, an A- into a B-, etc.).
Homework policy: assignments need to be completed on time for all of us to benefit from them (any late assignment will lower your grade by a plus/minus per each day late for that assignment (A will turn into A- on day 1 after the due day, to B+ on day 2, etc.).




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Last updated July 20, 2011