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Required (ordered at Macalester Textbooks in the Lampert Building):

Other recommended readings:

Literature to film & film translation:

Film Dubbing & Subtitling:

Translating science:


Publisher specializing in translation:
About St. Jerome Publishing
St. Jerome Publishing launched its first publication, The Translator, in 1995. A refereed international journal with a highly distinguished Editorial Board, The Translator has since attracted subscribers in virtually every country in the world and is widely regarded as one of the leading journals in the field. Since then, St. Jerome has published some of the highest quality academic monographs, textbooks and reference works in the field. Translation Studies Abstracts, the first abstracting service of its kind and an invaluable research tool for scholars of translation and other forms of cross-cultural communication, was launched in print form in 1998 and has been available online since January 2004.
The Translation Theories Explored and Translation Practices Explained series are now standard references in the field. The Encounters series, launched in 2000, focuses on diversity in language use and privileges topics which interest a broad community of scholars working in anthropological linguistics and pragmatics, particularly the pragmatics of cross-cultural communication. These include mixedness, creolization, politeness strategies, cross-over phenomena and heterogeneity.

Alice in Wonderland translations:

A few examples:

Carroll, Lewis, Alice aux Pays des merveilles, tr. Jacques Papy, Paris, Gallimard, Folio Classique, 1961, 1990, 1994
Carroll, Lewis, Alice au pays des merveilles, tr. Elizabeth Bonville & Jacqueline Abraham, Paris, La Bibliothèque Précieuse


Carroll, Lewis, Anya v strane chudes, tr. Vladimir Nabokov, Moscow, OAO Izdatel'stvo Raduga, 2002
Carroll, Lewis, Anya v strane chudes, tr. Vladimir Nabokov, Ann Arbor, Ardis, 1982

Carroll, Lewis,
Carroll, Lewis,
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