RUSS 363/ HMCS 363

Orientalism and Empire: Russia's Literary South

FALL 2007

Grading Policies

Your course grade will be based on the following factors:

Task: Worth:
Midterm exam 25%
Final exam 25%
Research paper 25%
Attendance, active class participation, oral reports, effort. 25%

Grading is not an exact science! The tasks are worth roughly 25% each, but #4 is a somewhat fuzzy category. I will monitor your attendance, participation in discussions and oral reports, your part in generating class discussions, which are all crucial to maximizing learning in the course, and I will grade accordingly. Research papers' final due date is firm and late papers will reduce your grade by a minus/day (an A turns into an A- when one day late, into a B+ when two days late, etc.). Plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in a NC for the course.

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