Orientalism andEmpire: Russia's Literary South
RUSS / HMCS 363-01: Fall 2007


Pictures of ACM students on Plateau Lago-Naki, which is in the Westernmost part of the Caucasus range, the Caucasus being the main setting for our texts. ACM Krasnodar Study Abroad Program, September 1998.

Class meets: MWF 10:50-11:50 in H 102.

Instructor: Gitta Hammarberg
Office: H209B, phone: 696-6556
Home: 1814 Lincoln Ave., phone: 651/698-7947
Office hours: M & W 8:30-9:30 & by appointment
e-mail: hammarberg@macalester.edu.

Course Description and Goals


Lectures, discussions, and oral student reports of assigned texts. Readings will be listed on the Texts and Schedule linked to this page and you are expected to complete reading each text by the time it is scheduled for discussion. You will have the opportunity to show your analytical skills orally in classroom presentations (pair/individual? to be determined during first classes) and discussions where you comment on specific texts assigned in advance. You will perfect your writing skills in a research paper due by the end of the semester, after consultations, outlines, and drafts. This web page is the central informational venue for this class and you need to to keep up-to-date electronically. Our course will hopefully be a collegial dialogue, with us regularly and unpretentiously responding to the texts and to each other's ideas in our discussions and writings.



Grading policies




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