A. S. Pushkin
"To a Kalmyk Woman"

(Line-by-line tr. By Gitta Hammarberg; no attempt has been made to reproduce the poetical qualities of the text)

Farewell, lovely Kalmyk woman
Despite my plans
Your commendable customs
Just about carried me along into the midst of the steppe
After your kibitka covered wagon
For sure, your eyes are narrow,
Your nose flat, and your forehead wide,
You don't chatter in French,
You don't squeeze your legs into silk,
In front of the samovar you don't
crumble up bread into shapes in the english manner
You don't get high on Saint-Mar
You don't particularly esteem Shakespeare
You don't slip[ into dreaminess
When ther4e's not a thought in your head,
You don't pipe up with Ma dov'e`, [It. song: "But where..."]
You don't gallop forth at a party. . .
Who needs it all? --Exactly for half an hour,
While my horses were being harnessed
My mind and heart were preoccupied
With your glance and savage beauty.
My friends! Isn't it all the same:
To let one's idle thoughts wander
In a brilliant hall, in a fashionable lodge
Or in a nomad's kibitka