RUSS 263-01/HCST 263-01:
Orientalism and Empire: Russia's Literary South


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Historical background on Russia and the Caucasus

Imperial ideologies and rhetoric

Imperialism and ethnicity

Imperialism and Russian literature

Imperialism and Gender


Contemporary Chechnia


Macalester Library course bibliography:

Jamestown Foundation

Eurasianet Good source for recent news and feature articles on all aspects of the region: cultural, economic, environmental, etc.

Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus A good place for further resources: societies devoted to this region, experts, academic programs, etc.

Trenin-on-line. Recent book, The End of Eurasia, on-line in its entirety

Caucasus Foundation This is the english language page for the caucasus Foundation which posts pro-Caucasian, (and some would say, anti-Russian) news, analysis, and primary source documents. The primary source material may be the most relevant material; the reportage and analysis of events is not always objective. The group is funded and run by the Caucasian diaspora.

Dagestan An interesting perspective on the Vhechen conflict can be found on this site, which claims to be the official site of the Republic of Dagestan, neighbor to Chechnia. Some of the most up-to-date information is available only in Russian but several basic articles also in English

Human Rights Watch. News updates and press releases from this international monitoring organization.

"Chechnya: Renewed Catastrophe"

Memorial. the main english-language page for memorial Human Rights Center, a well-known Russian human rights group founded in the perestroika era by liberal intellectuals and dissidents to advocate "rehabilitation" of victims of Stalin's purges. Today, memorial deals not only with historical issues, but also monitors rights violations in conflict zones. Go to for information about human rights in "trouble spots"--Chechnia, Karabakh, and the Ossetia-Ingush border.

Moscow Carnegie Center. Think-tank with lots of interesting information on contemporary Russian and American scholarship.

Anne Nivat op-ed on Chechnya published in the Wasington Post on Aug 20, 2002. NB: The US Holocaust Memorial Museum had her speak recently.


Chechnya at Eastview Publishers



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