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Major Slavic Journals


  • Russian Literature
  • Russian Literature Triquarterly
  • Russian Review
  • Slavic and East European Journal
  • Slavonic and East European Review
  • Slavic Review
  • Soviet Literature
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Web resources


Under construction--some random sites that seemed pertinent to our course! Please e-mail me good sites you find on Russian literature in general, but especially on Dostoevsky or Gogol!

    A huge website for "Christian Stange's Dostoevsky Research Station" with lots of links (among other things, to 200 Dostoevsky sites, major and minor), quotations about Dostoevsky, discussion groups, etc. etc. (includes the Middlebury bibliography




Published scholarly sources

There are too many sources on these authors for any kind of complete listing here. The following are some (rather randomly selected) top sources, many of which come with good bibliographies for further reading:

Basic bibliograsphy:
Gogol: A Bibliography
, compiled and ed. by Philip E. Frantz, Ann Arbor, Ardis, 1989 (obviously much research has appeared since!)

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------------------, Dostoevsky: The Mantle of the Prophet, 1871-1881, Princeton UP, 2002
[Frank's magnificent obsession is the most authoritative and smartest of all "life and works" texts on D, GH]
Goldstein, David I., Dostoevsky and the Jews, U of Texas Press, 1981
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