RUSS 367:




Available at Macalester Text Books

Gogol, N., The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol, tr. R. Pevear and L Volokhonsky, NY: Vintage Books, 1998
Gogol, N. Dead Souls, tr. tr. R. Pevear and L. Volokhonsky, NY: Vintage, 1997
Dostoevsky, F. The House of the Dead and Poor Folk, N.Y., Barnes & Noble, latest ed.
Dostoevsky, F. The Village of Stepanchikovo tr. Ignat Avsey, Penguin
Dostoevsky, F. Great Short Works, N.Y, Harper Collins Perennial Classics.
Dostoevsky, F. The Idiot, tr. R. Pevear and L. Volokhonsky, NY, Vintage
Dostoevsky, F. The Brothers Karamazov, tr.Richard Pevear & Larissa Volokhonsky, NY: Vintage

These are the preferred editions which we will refer to in class, but if you already own other editions, you can use them and we'll try to refer to chapters rather than pages.

All other required readings are in the Moodle Readings folder



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