James N. Heyman

 Professor of Physics, Macalester College, St. Paul MN 55105 

Phone: 651/696-6369 Fax: 651/696-6122 email: heyman@macalester.edu




Fall 2008

Spring 2009



Courses: Fall '08

Physics 194.    Nanoscience.  Nanoscience is the emerging field of science concerned with the control of matter on the atomic and molecular scale.  This interdisciplinary field sits at the convergence of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science and Electrical Engineering.  Our course will introduce science at the nanometer length scale, the fabrication of nano-scale systems and some of their technological applications. (4 credits)

Courses: Spring '09

Physics 227:     Principles of Physics II A study of electric charge and currents, electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, and geometrical and physical optics. Minimum prerequisites: Physics 226 and concurrent or previous registration in Math 137. Three lectures and one two-hour laboratory per week.  (4 credits) Physics 348:      Laboratory Instrumentation     This course is an introduction to laboratory methods that are useful in experimental physics and other laboratory-based disciplines, with an emphasis on computer interfacing techniques. Topics will include basic analog electronics, fundamental instrumentation such as analog-digital converters and digital oscilloscopes, and computer interfacing using LabView. Student will design and construct several significant computer interfacing projects throughout the semester. Since this course provides the foundation for advanced experimental work and research, students should take this course in their sophomore or junior year. Prerequisite: Physics 227.  (4 credits)