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Drawing by Meghan Davies - 2011This site belongs to Prof. Daniel J. Hornbach, Professor of Biology at Macalester College.  It was primarily started in an attempt to facilitate information search and retrieval for individuals within the Macalester College Departments of Environmental Studies and Biology.  Much of the content deals with our research on freshwater mussels in the St. Croix River, MN and WI.  We are especially interested in mussel conservation efforts and the relationship between changing land-use patterns and the long-term health of mussel communities.  We started a new in 2014-17 in collaboration with the St. Anthony Falls Research Lab at the University of Minnesota.  We examined the impact of high sediment loads on mussels in the MN River and in flumes at the lab. In 2018-2020 we worked with SAFL and the USGS to begin testing the use of side scan sonar to differentiate populations of zebra mussels from native mussels and background sediment.

Follow our 2015 work on the Mac Mussel Blog.

We have also become involved in the Ecological Research as Education Network (EREN) and are examining the impact of riparian vegetation on water temperature variation in small order streams, and the decomposition of native and invasive plants in both terrestrial and aquatic systems.

W also have been examining temperature variation and ecosystem metabolism in small ponds in order to better understand the roles these systems play in global carbon cycling.

Dan Hornbach's Inaugural Lecture as
John S. Holl Professor - 3/2/2016

Video Describing Our
2015-2017 Research

Summer 2017 CrewSummer 2017 Sampling Crew
Top row (L-R) Hayley Stutzman, Kelly MacGregor,
James (Mac) Doherty, Dan Hornbach
Bottom row (L-R): Laura Gould, Mark Hove, Lea Davidson
Mini reunion of 3 Mac Alums and Prof. Hornbach
Mini reunion of 3 Mac alums and me at the
2014 Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Portland, Oregon.
Left to Right:  Lindsay Powers '92, Dan Hornbach,
Jennifer Opdyke Wilhelm '96, and Dan Allen '02.
Jennifer is an ecologist with King Co. Water and Land Resource Division, Seattle WA; Lindsay is a research associate with NEON in Boulder, CO; Dan Allen is an assistant professor at the University of Arizona - Mesa, AZ.

Macalester College Admission Videos About Our Research