Daniel Kaplan
DeWitt Wallace Professor 
Mathematics & Computer Science, Macalester College
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Dept. of Mathematics
Macalester College 
1600 Grand Avenue 
St. Paul, MN 55105 USA 

Courses via Moodle:
Epidemiology (Math 108) :: Applied Calculus (Math 135) :: Introduction to Statistical Modeling (Math 155)
Scientific Computation (Math/CS 365) :: Scientific Programming (CS 121)
2006 Macalester Excellence in Teaching Award Citation

Understanding Nonlinear Dynamics
Statistical Modeling: A Fresh Approach
Introduction to Scientific Computation and Programming at Amazon

Stat Chat: A Monthly meeting of Statistics Educators
2009-2010 Season

Post-Graduate Short Courses:
2006 Bioquest Workshop: Exploring Complex Data Sets: ISM.RData : Notes
2005 Warwick Maths for Biomedical Engineering: Exercises :: Software

Nonlinear Time Series Software || Heart Rate Variability Software ||
Understanding Nonlinear Dynamics (book) || Resampling Stats in MATLAB || Preprints

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