Resampling Stats in MATLAB
Daniel T. Kaplan
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Macalester College
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Resampling Stats in MATLAB is a book and software package that provides bootstrapping and resampling capabilities within the widely used MATLAB package.

The entire book and software documentation is available on line in PDF format.

(If you cannot read PDF files, see the book's preface for more information on Resampling Stats.)

Ordering Information

Contact Resampling Stats, Inc.
612 N. Jackson St.
Arlington, VA 22201


A full-featured EVALUATION VERSION of the software is available for downloading here. You will need MATLAB to run the software.

You can browse the book electronically.

Registered users may download the current version at any time. See your copy of the book for registration instructions, or send email to

Contact the Author

Daniel Kaplan
Math and Computer Science
Macalester College
St. Paul, MN 55105
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