Copyrights, Permissions, Disclaimers, Warnings, etc.

This software and related documentation is copyrighted. Permission is granted by the authors for the use of this software in non-commercial applications, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Users of the software notify the authors by sending the following information to user's name, institution, and address.
  2. Users read, understand, and accept the warnings given below.
  3. Users give an appropriate reference to the software in publications where the software has been used. A suggested form: D. Kaplan et al, HRV software, (web address)

Commercial users are granted permission to use the software only for evaluation purposes. Contact the authors regarding permission for other uses.


The authors make NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND about the suitability, reliability,
efficacy, or function of this software.  USE THIS SOFTWARE ONLY AT YOUR OWN
RISK.  By using or examining this software, you are agreeing that the authors
carry no liability for any damages or other losses caused by this software.

This software is written for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY, and should NOT be
used for medical diagnosis or treatment.

We have implemented this software from descriptions in the research literature
and from our own research.
Some of the techniques may possibly be subject to patents.  Users of the
software bear complete responsibility for any infringement of patent rights
caused by their use of the software.