Ruthanne Kurth-Schai
Professor & Chair
Educational Studies
Macalester College


University of Minnesota - Ph.D. in Social & Philosophic
Foundations of Education, Concentration in Future
Cultural & Educational Systems. (1984)

Indiana University - M.S. in Alternative Education. (1978)

University of Minnesota - B.S. Secondary Science Education,
Teaching Certification: State of Minnesota, Biology and Earth
Science. (1976)

Professional Experience

Professor & Chair - Macalester College (1986 - present) 

Bigelow Visiting Professor - Carleton College (2006/2007)

Affiliate Professor - University of Minnesota, College of Education, Department of Educational Policy & Administration (1985 - present)

Science Teacher - Anoka-Hennepin MN School District #11 (1977-1983)

Philosophy of Education
Education & Social Change
Experiences in Education

Re-envisioning Education & Democracy
Educational Studies Seminar
First Year Student Seminars
Urban Education in Theory, Policy, & Practice
Education, Globalization, & Civil Society

Academic and Professional Organizations

American Educational Studies Association
American Educational Research Association
John Dewey Society
Philosophy of Education Society
World Future Studies Federation
Associated Independent Liberal Arts Colleges of Teacher Education
American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
Minnesota Association of Colleges of Teacher Education

Professional Service

Education Department Chair (1996 - present)
Educational Policy & Governance Committee Chair (2005/2006)
Educational Policy & Governance Committee (2003-2006)
Evaluator, US Department of State, Bureau of Cultural & Educational Affairs (2006 -2007)
Evaluator, US Department of State, Bureau of Cultural & Educational Affairs (2003)
Teaching Academy Advisory Board, St. Paul Central High School (2002 - present)
Center for School Change, Community Advosory Board ( 2001 - present)
Faculty Advisory Council Chair (1996 - 1997)
Faculty Advisory Council (1995 - 1997)
Faculty Personnel Committee (1992/93, 2001)
Coordinator, Education Department Faculty Liaisons (1996-present)
Teacher Education Advisory Committee (1986 - 2001)
Director, MACCESS for High School Students-of-Color (1994 - 2000)
ACM Urban Education Program Advisor (1994 - present)
Institutional Rep. MN Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (1988-present)

Recent Publications

        Re-envisioning Education & Democracy, co-authored with Charles R. Green, Greenwich, CT: Information Age Press, 2006.

         Invited Entries, "Education for Democracy" and "Educational Reform," co-authored with Charles R. Green in Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr. (ed.), Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, forthcoming 2008.

        "Re-envisioning Education for Global Citize
nship," co-authored with Charles R. Green, Pacific Asian Education, 15(2), 2003.

        "Listening for Democracy: Shaping Technologies to Support Progressive Politics and Pedagogy,"
co-authored with Charles R. Green , Progressive Perspectives, 3(3): 2001.

        "Conversation, Composition and Courage: Re-envisioning Technologies for Education and Democracy," co-authored with Charles R. Green, Educational Studies, 31 (1):19-32, 2000.

        "Cultural Futures Delphi Methodology," co-authored with Chumpol Poolpatarachewin and Somwung Pitiyanuwat, and "Implications for Educational Practice," co-authored with Walter Parker, Shuichi Nakayama, Sjoerd Karsten, Patricia Kubow and David Grossman in John J. Cogan and Raymond Derricott (eds.), Multidimensional Citizenship for the Twenty-first Century, London: Kogan-Page, 1998 & 2000.

        "Schooling Stories: Three Paths, Two Tragedies, and a Vision," co-authored with Charles R. Green in Sandford Schram and Philip Neisser (eds.), Tales of the State, Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 1997.

        "Ecological Feminism and Children," in Karen J. Warren (ed.), Ecofeminism: Multidisciplinary Perspectives,Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1997.

        Invited Book Review, Experimenting with the World: John Dewey and the Early Childhood Classroom, in Journal of Curriculum Studies, 28(6): 739-742, 1996.

        "Youth-Adult Collaboration: Transforming Dreams into Reality," New Designs for Youth Development, 11(4):5-11, 1994.

        "Ecology and Equity: Toward the Rational Reenchantment of Schools and Society." Educational Theory, 42(2):147-163, 1992.

        "Systematic Ethnography: Toward an Evolutionary Science of Education and Culture." Co-authored with Marion Lundy Dobbert, The Handbook of Qualitative Research in Education, M. LeCompte, W. Millroy & J. Preissle (eds.), pp. 93-159, San Diego, CA: Academic Press, 1992.

Recent Presentations

       "Civic Transformation in an Age of Globalization," Comparative Education Society of Asia, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong PRC, January 2007.


          "Leaving Most Young Citizens Behind?: Reflections on the Peril and Promise of Public High Schools," American Educational Studies Association, Charlottesville, VA, November, 2005.

        "Beyond Rage, Retreat, and Remorse: Mobilizing Effective Response to No Child Left Behind," session chair and paper presentation, American Educational Studies Association, Kansas City, MO, November, 2004.

        "On Philosophy, Prophecy, and Poetry: Toward Re-enchantment of Civic Education," American Educational Research Association, San Diego, CA, April, 2004.

        "Philosophic and Theoretical Conceptualizations of Civic Education in an Era of Globalization," invited member of keynote panel, Pacific Circle Consortium, Minneapolis, April, 2003.

        "Exploratory Democratic Practice, the Internet and public Education Reform," with Simone King and Charles R. Green, American Educational Studies Association, Pittsburgh, 2002.

        "Policy Research for a Deeper Democracy,"
and " Engaging Exploratory Democratic Practices, " with Charles R. Green, American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, (2002).

        "Supporting Social Imagination, Inquiry and Design in the Restructuring of Public Education," with Charles R. Green, American Educational Research Association, Seatlle, (2001).

        "The Promise (and Perils) of Deep Democracy: Technology-Mediated Adventures in Social Conversation, Composition, and Courage," with Charles R. Green, Classrooms of the FutureVII: Symposium on technology & Higher Education, St. Paul (2001).

        "A Century of Progress with Limited Reform", with Charles R. Green, American Education Studies Association, Vancouver, B.C. , (2000).

        "Re-envisioning Technologies for Education & Democracy," with Charles R. Green, American Educational Research Association, Philadelphia (1998).

        "From ‘I Stand and Deliver’ to ‘We Converse and Design Together’," presented with Charles R. Green, Classrooms of the Future IV: Symposium on Technology & Higher Education, St. Paul (1998).

        "Service Learning and Social Change," presented with Charles R. Green, Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs Faculty Workshop, St. Paul (1998).

        "A Delphic Approach to Cross-cultural Futures Research," presented as part of the Citizenship Education Policy Study Symposium at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego (1998).

        "Multidimensional Citizenship: Methodological Foundations," presented as part of a research panel on Beyond Multiculturalism: Education, Culture and Citizenship, annual meeting of the National Association for Asian & Pacific American Education, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1998).

         "Strong Educational Myths and Weak Democratic Practices: Lessons from the Past, a Vision for the Future," with Charles R. Green, American Educational Studies Association, Montreal, Canada (1996).

        "Enhancing Community and Diversity through Gift Exchange," American Educational Research Association, New York (1996).

        "Conducting Research in Cross-National, Cross-Cultural Settings," Comparative and International Education Society, Honolulu, Hawaii (1996).

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