BIOL 50-05 (co-enroll in BIOL 50L-02)

Research in Molecular Genetics

Fall 2002

Instructor: Mary Montgomery


Collaborative research with a faculty member focused on understanding the molecular genetic mechanisms underlying animal development, the process whereby a single fertilized egg develops into a functional multicellular organism. Extensive laboratory research, readings and discussion of the scientific literature related to the research area are undertaken. A research project will be selected in consultation with the instructor.  Research will be geared toward elucidating the functions of genes involved in the earliest stages of animal development, and examining how the expression patterns and functions of such genes have evolved in different animal species. Students will become familiar with several research techniques for isolating and manipulating DNA and RNA, reverse genetic methods for interfering with the functions of specific genes, and in situ methods that reveal where and when a gene is expressed, i.e. active or on.

Prerequisites: junior or senior standing, Biology 22 (Genetics) and Biology 23 (Cell Biology), and permission of the instructor.

MWF 2:20-3:20 Lecture (lab meetings and journal club), R 8:30-11:40 Lab (BIOL 50L-02)