Research In Molecular Genetics
Martin Chang
Wednesday, November 13, 2002

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Introduction of Transgenes
Gene Therapy
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• DNA transformation is the introduction of extracellular DNA into the cell(s) of an organism to produce a phenotypic change
• Transgene - A gene or DNA fragment from one organism that has been stably incorporated into the genome of another organism (usually plant or animal).
• Organisms that have integrated foreign DNA into their germ line as a result of the experimental introduction of DNA.


• Microinjection of C. elegans was first done by Kimble et al.
• Methods for production and maintenance of transgenic lines were reported in 1986 (Fire et al)
• Methodology improved since then (Mello et al ).

• Introduction of new gene into an organism altering genetic and protein make-up.
   Transgenic Plant/Food Production
• Starlink - transgenic corn; bacterial gene produces insecticide.
• Frost-resistant strawberry and potato
• sheep's milk is used to produce alpha-1-antitrypsin, an enzyme used in the treatment of emphysema.
• cow's milk is used to produce lactoferrin, a protein that combats bacterial infections
• goat's milk is used as yet another way to produce tPA, the blood-clot-dissolving enzyme

More Applications
• Use of reporter to assay gene activity
• Use of reporter to assay localization of gene product
• Clone a gene via transgenic rescue assay
• Gene interference - drive expression of anti-sense
• Use in identification and analysis of transgenic C.elegan lines (rol-6, unc-22).

Introduction of Transgenes
• Via vectors , viral, bacterial
• Microinjection with C. elegans

Gene therapy
∑ Cystic fibrosis
∑ Other possible treatments

• Reactions to recombinant technology has been mixed
• Fear use of certain viral vectors that may become pathogenic
• Problem of transgenic animals interbreeding with wild types
• Plant allergens being transferred in food products; Soy-bean and brazil nut

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