Media and Cultural Studies

Why Macalester for Media and Cultural Studies?

Media and Cultural Studies analyzes the poetics, politics and production of media texts, in alignment with the college’s commitment to internationalism, multiculturalism and community service, using theories and methods drawn from the humanities and the social sciences. The department offers an innovative 10-course major that includes opportunities for students to combine analysis, criticism and production.

Fall 2012 Courses

  • 110-01: Texts and Power
  • 114-01: News Reporting/Writing
  • 126-01: Local News Media Institutions
  • 128-01: Film Analysis And VisualCulture
  • 194: Political Advertising in the 2012 Presidential Campaign
  • 294 Experimental Film/Video 294: Cinemas of Resistance
  • 294: Publics and Publication: Social Discourse from Pre-Revolutionary Pamphleteering to Facebook
  • 334: Cultural Studies and the Media

New Courses for 2012-13

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Media & Cultural Studies Toast & Jam Series

Throughout the school year, the Media and Cultural Studies Department presents films, lectures, and discussions in a series we call Toast & Jam.  Past Toast & Jam presentations include:

  • Mac Alum, Sara Kiener, co-owner of Film Presence, Brooklyn, NY-based marketing and outreach for independent fims
  • Documentary filmmaker and noted director Sam Green ("The Weather Underground")
  • Legendary underground filmmaker Craig Baldwin's award-winning film "Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America"
  • Dave Zirin, Mac Alum and host of XM Satellite's Edge of Sports Radio

Toast & Jam is always served!