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Spring 2017 Class Schedule - updated May 3, 2016 at 07:00 am

Number/Section  Title
Days Time Room Instructor
MCST 110-01  Texts and Power: Foundations of Media and Cultural Studies
TR 01:20 pm-02:50 pm Leola Johnson
MCST 126-01  Local News Media Institutions
TR 01:20 pm-02:50 pm Michael Griffin
MCST 128-01  Film Analysis/Visual Culture
TR 01:20 pm-02:50 pm STAFF
MCST 354-01  Blackness in the Media
W 07:00 pm-10:00 pm Leola Johnson
*Cross-listed with AMST 354-01*

MCST 357-01  Adv Journalism: New Media
TR 01:20 pm-02:50 pm Mary Turck
MCST 488-01  Advanced Topics Seminar
TR 03:00 pm-04:30 pm STAFF

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Fall 2016 Class Schedule - updated May 3, 2016 at 07:00 am

Number/Section  Title
Days Time Room Instructor
MCST 110-01  Texts and Power: Foundations of Media and Cultural Studies
TR 09:40 am-11:10 am NEILL 111 Leola Johnson
MCST 114-01  News Reporting and Writing
M 07:00 pm-10:00 pm NEILL 212 Howard Sinker
MCST 128-01  Film Analysis/Visual Culture
TR 01:20 pm-02:50 pm NEILL 226 Bradley Stiffler
MCST 194-01  Screens
TR 01:20 pm-02:50 pm OLRI 250 John Kim
*First Year Course only*

MCST 202-01  Global Media Industries
MWF 03:30 pm-04:30 pm CARN 404 Zeynep Gursel
*Cross-listed with ANTH 294-03 and INTL 202-01*

MCST 249-01  History of Film Since 1941
MWF 02:20 pm-04:00 pm NEILL 401 Michael Griffin
MCST 294-01  Surrealisms: Art, Photography, and Film
TR 09:40 am-11:10 am ARTCOM 102 Joanna Inglot
*First day attendance required; cross-listed with ART 294-01* Surrealism was one of the most multi-faceted and influential literary and artistic movements of the modern era. This course will offer a broad examination of the ideology and artistic production of Surrealism from inter-disciplinary perspective, examining art, film, poetry, manifestos, and theoretical perspectives that framed surrealist goals and practices. Although most histories of Surrealism focus on developments in France in the 1920s, this course introduces a more inclusive narrative of international developments including those in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the United States from the 1950s to the present. Projects for this course will include short writing assignments such as Dadaists poems, exquisite corpse writings, the dérive (or “drifting), a dream journal, and a collaborative final group project.

MCST 334-01  Cultural Studies and the Media
TR 01:20 pm-02:50 pm OLRI 270 Leola Johnson
*Cross-listed with AMST 334-01*

MCST 337-01  Dead White Men: Time & Truth in Era of Ideology & Biopower (Crit Thought from Descartes to Zizek)
MWF 03:30 pm-04:30 pm NEILL 213 Kiarina Kordela
*Cross-listed with ENGL 394-02 and GERM 337-01*

MCST 394-01  Fundamentals of Video Prod
TR 09:40 am-11:10 am ART 301 Dag Yngvesson
This course is designed as a basic introduction to digital video production. The objective of the class is to familiarize students of film theory and history with the language of cinema from the standpoint of production in order to deepen your appreciation and knowledge of the technical aspects of film/video and to develop your capacity to use video as a tool for research and communication. The course will be a combination of technical instruction, critical engagement, and creative exploration. We will analyze and employ a variety of filmmaking techniques as well as constructing narrative and non-narrative strategies for doing so. The focus of the course will be to familiarize you with some basic conventions of experimental, documentary, and narrative cinema. In each assignment, you will be encouraged to think about how formal decisions enhance and further narrative or thematic elements. We will pay very close attention to formal aspects of cinematic production: mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, and sound design. In addition to this attention to form, success in the class will be dependent on a commitment to working through the technical aspects of video production (camera operation, lighting, editing software) in order to create short, original video pieces.

MCST 488-01  Advanced Topics Seminar
W 07:00 pm-10:00 pm NEILL 402 John Kim

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