Jaine Strauss

Jaine Strauss

Clinical Psychology

Chair, Educational Studies
Olin-Rice Science Center, 326
Telephone: 651-696-6114
Professor, Psychology
Olin-Rice Science Center, 326
Telephone: 651-696-6114

Office Hours

Monday 2:00 - 4:00 (Neill 100c)                                                                                                          Thursday 1:15 - 2:45 (Neill 100c)                                                                                                                 Friday 11:00 - 12:00 (OLRI 326)


How and why do women’s attitudes about their bodies change through the lifespan?
In collaboration with students, Jaine Strauss has been gathering data from a cross-sectional cohort of over 800 girls and women ranging in age from 11 to 60. The project seeks to illuminate systematic shifts in women’s feelings of body satisfaction and to study those shifts in the context of social identity, educational environment, feminist identity, and race/ethnicity. Other projects underway examine the effects of diet commercials on snack food consumption, the relationship between feminist ideology and body esteem, and the typology of conversations women have with each other about their bodies.

Jaine Strauss is a clinical psychologist whose research focuses on gender. Her recent work has focused on women's "body talk" conversations, self-control styles in eating disorders, developmental trends in body objectification, and the impact of diet commercials on snack food consumption. She teaches courses on clinical and counseling psychology, psychological disorders, and community psychology.

  • BA: Swarthmore College
  • MA: University of Rochester
  • PhD: University of Rochester

Selected publications

Fulkerson, J.A., Strauss, J., Neumark-Sztainer, D., Story, M., & Boutelle, K. N. (2007). Correlates of psychosocial well-being among overweight adolescents: The role of the family.  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 75 , 181-186.

Ambwani, S.*, & Strauss, J. (2007). Love Thyself Before Loving Others? A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Gender Differences in Body Image and Romantic Love.  Sex Roles, 56 , 13-21.

Warren*, C.S., Strauss, J., Taska, J.L, & Sullivan, S.J. (2005). Inspiring or dispiriting? The effect of diet commercials on snack food consumption in high school and college aged women.  International Journal of Eating Disorders, 37 (3) , 266-270.

Cafri*, G., Strauss, J., & Thompson, J.K. (2002). Assessing male body image: Satisfaction and its relationship to well-being using the somatomorphic matrix. International Journal of Men's Health, 1 (2) , 215-230.

Strauss, J., Doyle, A.& Kreipe, R. (1994). The paradoxical effect of diet commercials on reinhibition of dietary restraint.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology,103 , 441-445.