Questions to Ask

Science and Research Office

Liz Jansen
Biology Professor
Olin-Rice 220

Matthew Katsaros
Administrative Coordinator
Olin-Rice 272

Joan Toohey
Olin-Rice 271

Rebecca Hoye
Professor Emeritus, Chemistry
Olin-Rice 390

  • Do you have geographical restrictions? For example, do you need to stay in the Twin Cities? Are you hoping to specifically get out of the Twin Cities? Are you wide open to where you might spend a summer?
  • Do you have financial requirements, e.g., do you need to earn a certain amount of money this summer? Do you have housing restrictions? Do you have a car?
  • How much time will you have to commit to research this summer? Realistically, you should envision 10-12 weeks of full-time work. If you are taking classes or have other job commitments, then you will have to make some trade-offs.
  • How strong is your application? Your preparation? If your application materials have a distinct weak spot, you will need to address it and possibly make some trade-offs in other areas.